Litigation Lending Services and the 'Stolen Wages' Case

Our CEO Shaun Bonétt says that our purpose is more than making a profit – it must be about investing in relationships, and embracing an ethical approach and commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Precision Group is a key shareholder in Litigation Lending Services (“LLS”), a class action litigation fund specialising in funding class action cases that seek to support the legal rights of disempowered minorities. Shaun Bonétt has been Chairman of LLS for the last 12 years.

Most recently, Litigation Lending supported a successful action against the Queensland Government, over the long running legal case known as Stolen Wages. In what was an important step in the national reconciliation process, the Queensland Government agreed to pay the historical sum of $190 million in settlement to approximately 11,948 First Nations indigenous workers or their descendants for loss of earnings.

It is the largest Human Rights case in Australian history.  This was the right outcome for Australia and our indigenous population.

Supporting social justice issues is what drives Litigation Lending Services. It is Shaun and his brother Steve’s belief that creating a process and a platform for disadvantage members of society to be heard creates a healthier society and stronger democracy and allows for the continuing integration and reconciliation with Australia’s First Nations people.

The case represented one of the most important resolutions in Australian history, and Precision Group and Shaun and Steve Bonétt are honoured to have had a role to play.

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