Dr Danhan Huang

Non-Executive Director

Dr Danhan Huang provides the Board with significant expertise and experience in financial services, investment strategies, corporate governance and risk management gained at both a domestic and international level. She is fluent in English, French and Chinese.

Danhan is currently a Non-Executive Director for DBS (China) under DBS Group with headquarters in Singapore. Previously, she served as an Independent Non-Executive Director for Shenwan Hongyuan Group who are one of China’s leading investment banks (2015-2021), the Bank of China (2007-2013) and was the Key Expert in Trade in Services to the EU-China Trade Project (2004-2016). Danhan was also nominated by the People’s Bank of China and served as the Board Director for the West African Development Bank (2007-2016).

Danhan graduated from the Law School of the University of Strasbourg, France with a State Doctor’s degree in law in 1987. Since returning to China in 1987, she has worked successively in the Ministry of Commerce, universities, law firms, large-scale foreign trade companies and financial institutions. 

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Dr Danhan Huang