Yuval Rotem

Non-Executive Director

A 35-year veteran of Israel’s diplomatic corps, Yuval Rotem served as the Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs until July 2020. He was appointed by Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in October 2016, overseeing all of the MFA’s diplomatic activities, implementation of the Government’s foreign policy, and its public diplomacy efforts.

He previously served as the Senior Deputy Director General heading the Ministry’s Public Diplomacy Division where he successful utilized innovative and cutting-edge technologies, including proprietary algorithmic ones developed in-house.

Yuval Rotem served as Israel’s Ambassador to Australia between 2007-2013 and non-resident Ambassador to Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand; and was responsible for strengthening relations between the countries on issues of trade, security, technology, and culture.

Yuval Rotem holds a BA and MA in Political Science and International Relations with distinction, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Yuval Rotem